1.)   If I book a hunt, will it just be my group or do you add others to our group hunt?

        It will be you and your party. No one will be added to your group hunt.


2.)    What kind of ammo do I use for Pheasant, Chukar & Quail? Lead or Steel Shot?

       LEAD SHOT ONLY. No Steel Shot is allowed because it travels further and all of our hunting fields 

        are close together with other hunting parties.

       PHEASANT: Shot Size 6 but nothing larger than that (example:  shot size 4 or 5, etc).

         CHUKAR & HUNGARIAN PARTRIDGE: Shot Size 7 1/2

         QUAIL: Shot Size 8 or 9

3.)   Do you have gun rentals? How much does a gun rental cost?

        We do have a limited supply of gun rentals available. Please request one at the time you schedule  

          your hunt. The cost is $25.00 for the gun rentals.

4.)   Do you sell Ammo?  What  size ammo do you have in stock?

        Yes, we do have ammo for sale at our Game Lodge. We have 12, 20, 16, 28 Gauge and .410 ammo             in stock. Call for Pricing.    

5.)   What choke is recommended for hunting on the preserve?

     Improved Cylinder and Modified Chokes are recommended.



5.)    How many fields do you have? How many acres are your hunting fields? 

        Our Preserve consists of 650+ acres in 8 distinct hunting areas ranging in size from

          40 acres to 90 acres. We can fulfill he desires of hunters of all ages and abilities, including the                      physically impaired.


6.)​    Do I need to wear anything specific?

       You will need to wear long pants (shorts are not advised), waterproof boots or hiking boots &        

         a hunters orange hat.


7.)   What are the main safety shooting rules on a British Hunt?

       Do NOT shoot low. Shoot above the treeline. Do NOT have the gun loaded when changing



Frequently Asked Questions

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