FOR RESERVATION CALL:678-410-0983 OR 404-557-9967

We recommend that all hunters wear ONLY orangehats.

​​​​​​​The British Hunt is exclusively for Pheasants and is an adaptation of an authentic British style hunt where the Pheasants are pressed to fly over the hunters and provide challenging shots. This unique hunt is laid out in a semicircle with 7 stations with 2 hunters at each station. There are 6 Pheasants released per hunter and 10-12 released at each rotation. A rotation being where you advance to a different station to your left so that each hunter rotates through all of the stations. The Pheasants will be evenly divided among the hunters and the bird cleaning is included in the price.

British Hunts will be held every Saturday beginning in January, weather and shooters permitting. Sundays are used as a make-up day if needed.


 Currently, all the British Hunts are full. You may still call to see if there was any last minute cancellations.

British Hunt

 ​It will keep the birds from turning away from you.